• High Accuracy
  • Wide Measuring Range
  • Measuring Elements- RTDs and TCs
  • Variety of Bodies for Different Applications

REKUM produces temperature sensors - RTDs and thermocouples (TC)
assembled in great variety of bodies, according to their application and temperature range; without mounting appliance, angle-type, moisture-proof screw-in type, bayonet-type, probes with a protection head, with possibility for mounting of a transmitter, for extreme temperatures, with a ceramic tube, needle-type, with replaceable inserts, mantel thermocouples, and compensation cables with all types of isolations.



  • Function Autotuning
  • Control modes P, PI, PID, ON/OFF 2 states and ON/OFF 3 states
  • Shockless switching between automatic and manual mode
  • Non-volatile memory

The microprocessor-based PID controller MS8106 of REKUM is designed for measurement and control of different process parameters. It can realize P, PI or PID algorithm of control (program selectable), and there is a possibility for limitation of the integral component. There are also ON/OFF 2 states and 3 states modes built-in. The outputs are controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM), there is a possibility for set-pointing of different times for forming of “positive” (K1) and “negative” (K2) output.
All data are saved in non-volatile memory, including the current status of the controller, i.e. after restoring of the power supplying voltage, it enters the same mode of control, in which it has been before its fault (the integral component is reset in this case, so till its second accumulation there will be an interference in the controlled parameter for PI or PID controller).
There is a shockless switching between automatic and manual mode, direct supervision of the process variable (Pv), the set-point (SP) and the output (Out). By the function Autotuning you can easy tune the PID parameters.


Сензори за температура и трансмитери

Температурни сензори

– stainless steel Nr.1.4571
– Heat-resistant, metal PWM
– Heat-resistant, silikone insulation
– With PVC insulation
R – 1 x Pt100
2R – 2 x Pt100
t1 0 … 60°C
t2 0 … 200°C
t3 –50 … 200°C
t4 0 … 400°C

n = 30, 50, 100,
150, 200, 300 mm

Other dimensions
are possible too

J – Fe-CuNi
t1 0 … 60°C
t4 0 … 400°C
K – NiCr-Ni
t1 0 … 60°C
t4 0 … 400°C



Two Wire Transmiters

  • Two-wire, (loop powered)
  • High Accuracy
  • Mounting - protection head,DIN-Rail or on wall

The two-wire transmitters of the MS9004 series, offered by REKUM, are designed for distance control of temperature processes. They transmit the signal from the sensor to controllers and indicators, located out of the site. MS9004 are loop-powered. The output signal is unified current, which garantees noise-immuninty of the long transmitting lines. The connecting cable may be two-wire (is not necessary to be shielded), which reduces the expenses for mounting, especially for further distances. The transmitters may be mounted in the protection head of the temperature sensor, on DIN-Rail or on wall.




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