Laboratory ovens

Work Chambers

Работните комори се изработуваат од високоалуминозни материјали а по барање на купците ги изработуваме и од силициумкарбид. The working chambers are made of high-aluminium materials, or at the request of the buyers are made from silicium-carbid.

The working chambers with various dimensions.

Type max T
Interior dimensions (mm) External dimensions power
Lp 1
1100 C
130х100х200 350х350х300 1.5 КВ
220 V
Lp 2
1100 C 200х120х250 400х400х450 3 КВ 220 V
Lp 3 
1100 C 220х150х300 450х450х500 3.3 КВ 220 V
Rekum TP 300 fi 300х350
600х700 5 КВ 380 V

At the request of customers, working chambers are made on other dimensions.

The max working teperature of the labarotory ovens may be up to 1300 ◦ C.

Thermoregulation is built to the buyer's choice and may be an on / off or PID control.


Furnace for porcelain and ceramics

They are made at the request of the buyer with various dimensions.

Running a process of heating is by means of digital PID controllers that allow proper heating and cooling of the oven.

Водење на процесот на загревање е со помош на дигитални пид контролери кои овозможуваат правилно загревање и ладење на печката.


Burning furnaces for heat treatment of metals

They are made along different dimensions.

Operating temperature max to 1150 ◦ C

Digital thermoregulation.

Работна температура мах до 1150 ◦С


Furnaces for melting gold

Are made along different dimensions of the working chamber.

Max. Operating temperature of 1150 ◦ C



Dental furnaces

Are made along different dimensions.

Max. Operating temperature of 1150 ◦ C

Laboratory ovens


The Rekum company was founded in 1987 Mavrovo – Macedonia. Until then Rekum develops and expands its scope of work. The main activity is production and service of all types: laboratory, dental, goldsmith and half-industrial electric stoves.

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